An Elephant Painting at your house !

Do not think that pachyderms are simply massive animals devoid of any sensitivity!When you have seen our pictorial works, you will have fallen in love with these animals.

In fact, with its virtuosity, our team of professionals selected from the group of themes addressing the theme of elephants in a respectful, metamorphosing way, noble animals both tense and powerful.

Whether you are passionate about savannah landscapes or bestiaries, the works will meet your desires.A simple black and white elephant table for an elegant and stylish decoration or slice of life of the savannah for an original and romantic atmosphere, the array of paintings from our collection will seduce you.

For the most demanding, some of our tables are available in several sizes, allowing you to better accommodate the dimensions of your home.

Want to leave the heart of Africa, to smell the wild beasts?Need to smell the first time, or the first rains sweep the dust?

We go through the land and the arid thanks to our realistic creations, faithful and reproduced on large format canvases which are naturally a place of choice in your interior.They are a little African in your decoration.

Dare to install a piece of savannah and wild life with acanvas elephant that will blow on your interior.

Let yourself be guided by the sun and the earth we offer the African plains.Find the freedom of the great outdoors, without barriers, borders, or veiled horizons.