New Ceramics!

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Flower painting

Original flower paintings

 Among the countless very fashionable decorative elements, the painting is always on the podium. You like flowers ? Are you looking for an atypical table of flowers for the decoration of interior spaces?

This new collection of exclusive and colorful flower paintings captivates more than one in a single glance. 

Design and modernity

 Flower paintings exhibited on our site are one of a kind. Very trendy, they bring the missing touch to all of your decor. They want to be irresistible and unavoidable. They particularly seduce by their authenticity, their elegance and their grace.

We have, in fact, bet on originality to captivate individuals, professionals, flower lovers as well as art and interior decoration enthusiasts. Each flower arrangement produced is simply magnificent and stupendous.

Varied format and style

 Thanks to their splendor, the artistic paintings offered for sale in the boutique find their place in all types of space and architectural style. They are made with art, passion, creativity and know-how to embellish each room. Moreover, the styles are varied.

All the flower paintings are of classic dimensions. Floral canvases are arranged in different formats of several parts, in order to best adapt them to the size of the room and to the existing decoration. We can thus meet the specific requirements and requests of customers.

These pictorial floral works are of excellent quality, ready to hang and easy to clean. They are delivered with or without a frame, in suitable packaging.

The flower table cflower and freshness

 Blue and Yellow Flower Painting, Red Flower Painting The Abstract Fields, Abstract Painting The Bouquet of Flowers, Canvas Red flowers… Our flower paintings connote cheerfulness, freshness, the beauty of the painted flora and the joy of living - pledges of 'a new breath and a natural effect.

The colors highlighted are bright, warm (red, yellow, orange, purple, green, etc.) and cold (green, blue, etc.). The emotions and feelings they convey make each drawing unique. All this makes our flower paintings your favorites, assets for a cozy and warm atmosphere. You have at your fingertips a floral decor that will never fade.

 So, indulge yourself! You will find with us works of art that will perfectly decorate and sublimate the walls of the living room, the bedroom, the office, the meeting room, the shop, the reception hall, etc. Our collection of flower paintings is also perfect as a gift, for a birthday, a wedding or any other occasion.

Flower painting the poppy
Starting from 11,90 € EUR 34,76 € EUR
Modern Fantasy Flower Painting
Starting from 26,90 € EUR
Table Nordic Flowers 3 Parts
Starting from 34,90 € EUR 299,90 € EUR
Flower Table The Red Rose
Starting from 19,90 € EUR
Flower painting a heart of flowers
Starting from 26,90 € EUR
Purple Flowers Table
Starting from 14,90 € EUR 69,90 € EUR
Flower painting roses
Starting from 19,90 € EUR
Table Flowers Orchid
Starting from 26,90 € EUR
Flower painting 3 pieces
Starting from 24,90 € EUR
Blue and Yellow Flower Painting
Starting from 34,90 € EUR 59,90 € EUR
Red Flower Painting The Fields Abstract
Starting from 24,90 € EUR