A Horse Painting always finds its place on a wall!

In this array of pictorial works, our team has selected you, with heart, the most beautiful equines. Remove frozen and soulless images from your memory. When you have considered our paintings, you will already hear the horses neigh in your living room.

Indeed, with its incomparable know-how, our team has chosen works that address the theme of horses in a respectful style, transforming these elegant equines into true works of art in a stylish interior.

Whether you are passionate about horses or not, this decoration will find its place in your interior. of the colorful paintings to invigorate a wall or soft canvases for a romantic interior, the multitude of printed fabrics from the collection will give you carte blanche for a unique decoration.

For the most original, some works are available in modern or abstract stylistics. You will be able to better adapt your choice to your current decor.

Want of freedom, hair loose in the wind? Need large spaces and clean air?

We take you to the West with our sensitive, lively and realistic creations on large format canvases that will undoubtedly find their place in your home. They will bring the hammering of hooves on the cracked earth and shake up the classic city decorations.

Dare a horse table symbol of freedom and elegance that will enhance your home.

Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of open spaces and the strength of the wind offered by horses.