For this collection, our creative team has selected for you, paintings for lovers of the Scandinavian style. The Scandinavian style has evolved a lot in recent years and is no longer made up of infamous whitish compositions. The Scandinavian style we offer is, on the contrary, synonymous with purity and elegance.

With taste and intelligence, our team has chosen Nordic-style canvases that bring freshness from a completely new angle. In the paintings proposed, the creators transformed a simple foliage into a modern and refined graphic composition.

Whether you want a positive quote for a refined and authentic decoration, or you want a beautiful element of nature to breathe freshness and romance, the abundance of canvases from our collection will allow you to make your choice.

For the most demanding, a large number of paintings are available in various sizes. This allows you to harmonize the table to the size of your walls and your current decorations.

To make your life easier, the paintings are delivered to you ready to be asked. You only have to open the package to be carried away by the softness of the patterns.

Nordic style tables : refreshing and soothing works

Want to feel the serenity invade you, to hear off the rustle of the leaves? To feel the breeze on your skin and the iodized hints of the sea?

Our specialists take you through the tranquility of the Scandinavian countries with their modern and refined creations.

Dare to install the incomparable atmosphere of the Far North with a Nordic board which will soothe your daily life.