A World Map Board and the journey begins!

In this collection, our team of experts offers a collection of pictorial works on the theme of world maps, intended for budding adventurers. Take off your head that the maps of the world are necessarily school. Once you have seen our range of paints, you will have changed your mind.

In fact, with its professionalism, our team tackles the theme of world maps with a seasoned eye, transforming simple planispheres into an unmistakable design work in an interior of taste.

Whatever your desire, faithful to appreciate the beauty of the world or theme to feel all the subtleties, the abundance of printed canvases from our collection will only delight your eyes and your heart.

For purists, some of our world map paintings have an old look to get married to any decorations. Others are available in various sizes, allowing you to have the best in size and orientation of your walls.