About Us

Our story

RUEDESTABLEAUX.COM is an online store offering all kinds of 3 tables and parts in 5 parts for your living room or bedroom wall decoration. But much more than just a picture shop, we are first and foremost a big family. In fact, passionate about interior decoration, we decided to put our passion together to allow you to find beautiful paintings that will decorate all your walls.

As you can see, we have tables, 3 parts tables and 5 parts tables at your disposal. Various themes are present in our shop as the animal theme, cinema and music, world map, abstract, sport, manga, child ... And many other themes. The choice is relatively wide, which will allow you to redecorate very easily any room in your house, be it the bedroom, the living room, the living room or the hallway. Moreover, know that all the tables that we put at your disposal in our shop are of very high quality. Thus, the prints are made from advanced equipment and you have the choice between several sizes of tables! To top it off, we suggest you opt for a frame or not according to your tastes.

The living room wall decor has no secrets for us, so simply enjoy our beautiful paintings to be able to dress your walls without damaging them.

RUEDESTABLEAUX.COM offers only very interesting prices. Indeed, we are fully aware that interior design can represent a significant financial investment on the budget of a family. This is why you will find many paintings sold at very affordable rates. So what are you waiting for to browse our online store? When you realize the number of products on our site, you will certainly have a hard time not to offer one or even more! And do not forget to come back regularly because our collections are often updated and we even integrate new works.