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We are Wholesaler in decorative paintings with more than 800 works available novelties every week we offer tables and paintings of quality and trend at the best prices we deliver the world quickly without any additional cost.

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In case of questions related to payment, products or any other request, do not hesitate to contact us. Indeed, we make it a point of honor to answer all your questions quickly and in detail.

Our customer service is at your disposal.

Frequently asked Questions

Are online payments secure?

Of course ! In order to be sure that no bank impact can occur, we have taken all the necessary precautions that you can easily check.

The whole of our site is on a fully secure server as you can see at the top left of your screen where right next to the URL is mentioned "HTTPS" which is the name of the secure servers. In addition, our viral monitoring device is none other than McAfee, the global 1 digital moderators. And finally, all payments go through Paypal and Stripe which are highly secure online payment methods.

In short, from visiting the site to paying for your purchases, your navigation is secure.

I have only partially received my order, should I worry?

Do not worry! Indeed, it is quite possible that you receive only part of your order at first. The items you have ordered come from different suppliers and in order to be as fast as possible we prefer to send the first package as soon as it is finalized rather than waiting for the whole package.

My order is slow to arrive

Our delivery time extends from 14ème to 35ème day after the validation of the order. Although often parcels arrive in the fortnight, it is sometimes possible that the delay is a little longer. This time between the online purchase and the receipt of the package is explained by our company policy. Indeed, we chose to work directly with suppliers to offer you the best prices. The absence of intermediary therefore entails additional delays.

However, if after 60 days you still have not received your items, we will reimburse you, even if you receive the ordered items beyond this deadline.