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Modern Table Joconde

With or without chassis

The Mona Lisa painting revisited!

Everyone knows the Mona Lisa and her enigmatic smile. The identity of the young woman who served as a model for Leonardo da Vinci also fueled a debate that has raged for a long time in the world of artists.

If you want to welcome this masterpiece and you love modern art, you will be seduced by this version of the Portrait of Mona Lisa which highlights the original work by bringing it a touch of fantasy.

  • The canvas represents a copy of the painting on a white background. The Mona Lisa is enhanced with bright touches of color that give the impression of having been projected with a brush. A dressing in the purest style of modern art that gives a touch of pep to this great painting classic. Around the character, there are also pencil lines, as if the painter had not erased the sketch that gave birth to the canvas.
This prestige painting will find its place in a trendy and modern interior.

Modern Decoration Table Ma Mona Lisa


  • Your Modern Joconde Table comes with or without a frame in a suitable and robust packaging.
  • With frame ready to hang
  • Framed table
  • Stretched canvas printed in high definition
  • Fixing accessories included
  • Enjoy now the cheapest prices on the market
  • Secure site and payment
  • The print is high definition and the canvas is provided with a UV protection so it can not tarnish even if it was exposed to the sun.
  • Protection against water and dust.

What is a natural wood frame?

The frame or the wooden structure of your paintings allows you to hang your paintings on the walls with much more ease.

It is a wooden structure offered on our site at a cost price, on which you can hang the canvas you want (we invite you to refer to the demonstration video in the “chassis” section).

We offer on our site printed fabrics, associated or not with their frame, and at an almost unbeatable price! Doing the frame yourself takes only 10 minutes and you will save 50% to 70% compared to a professional realization.

With or without frame

When the option is available on many paintings and you have made the choice with a frame, you will receive the painting ready to hang with the fixing accessories included.

How to choose your wooden frame?

You choose for example a canvas of 50 * 70 cm, the frame will be the same size. By leaving a margin of 5cm on the back of your canvas, the frame will be easier to install.

If you have any questions, we are available from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m. via our website (Isabelle) or on our Facebook page (Christophe) on work TV in the evening from 18 p.m. to midnight.


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They must be beautiful originals and of very good quality.
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We are passionate and we do everything we can to make you discover our paintings.


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