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Table Sea Sand and Coconut

Our tables 5 pieces are a window on the nature

    Not easy when you live in the city to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that offer nature but with this collection of 5 rooms you will truly transform the atmosphere of your living room.

    The sea, the beach or the forest are all landscapes that you will find in this category nature.

    Decorate your living room with originality

      We all want to decorate our interior with taste and originality but our budget does not always follow. Place 5 panels on one of the walls of your living room is the best way to enjoy a cheap wall decoration but also original.

      • Large format prints of exceptional quality

      For the illusion to be perfect it is necessary that the impression is of excellent quality. The 5 paintings that we offer in the nature and landscapes collection offer a unique, precise rendering with vibrant colors.

      Admire these landscapes more real than nature or this turquoise blue sea in which one wants to dive there.

      Table Sea Decoration Sand and Coconut


      • Your Art Deco comes with or without a frame in a suitable and robust packaging.
      • Framed table
      • Stretched canvas printed in high definition
      • Fixing accessories included
      • Enjoy now the cheapest prices on the market
      • Secure site and payment
      • The print is high definition and the canvas is provided with a UV protection so it can not tarnish even if it was exposed to the sun.
      • Protection against water and dust.

      The quality : We make it a point of honor on the quality, manufacture and assembly of our decorative paintings.

      The canvas is printed in high quality with a professional Canon® large format printer using 12 LUCIA EX colors. An innovative pigment ink process that offers high-end print quality.

      Although a painting is hung or placed inside, variations in climate and humidity can have an impact on the materials used. It is for this reason that assembles its fabrics and frames with durable materials. Wooden sticks (thickness 2cm) that we use for the frames come from sustainable forest management. Voltage keys are installed on the back of the panel in order to guarantee a permanent tension. Even after years, you will be able to retighten the canvas using the keys.

      The installation: Our fabrics are mounted on pine frames. The weight of the paintings allows them to be hung with a simple nail or screw. They can also be placed on the floor or on a shelf. The installation only takes a few minutes.

      The packaging: Our paintings are protected by bubble wrap and carefully packed in a cardboard box to secure the painting during transport and thus ensure delivery in the best conditions.