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Table Star Wars Darth Vader Triptych

With or Without Chassis

Let a Star Wars Painting enter your home!

Among the Star Wars derivatives, deco boards in 3 parts make their effect. If you are looking for a wall decoration that will give character to your room, do not hesitate !

There are those who have a Jedi heart, are fans of Yoada, Lunke Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi and defend the Rebel Alliance in the service of the Republic. And those who have gone to the dark side of the Force, have eyes only for the power of the Empire and its general-in-chief: the dark one Darth Vader.

Whether you are one of them, or just want to pay tribute to one of the most famous villains in film history, this Dark painting Vader triptych is the work you need! This superb series of three paintings represents Vader more threatening than ever, draped in a plume of glowing smoke. He is depicted in his black exoskeleton clenching his fist in an iconic posture of his conquering spirit. The details of the paintings are so realistic that it seems to stare anyone who passes in front of him. With this character decoration, you can proudly display your passion for the work of Georges Lucas and relive the most epic scenes of the saga. To give it even more effect, you can complete it with other canvases on the theme of Star Wars. A gift to offer, or to offer yourself urgently!

If you are looking a table in 3 pieces of Star Wars, you're in the right place!

Treat yourself to a trip to the galaxy Star Wars by sublimating your walls with mythical characters such as Darth Vader, Master Yoda and Anakin Skywalker.


  • Your Art Deco comes with or without a frame in a suitable and robust packaging.
  • With chassis delivered ready to hang
  • Framed table
  • Stretched canvas printed in high definition
  • Fixing accessories included
  • Enjoy now the cheapest prices on the market
  • Secure site and payment

What is a natural wood frame?

The frame or the wooden structure of your paintings allows you to hang your paintings on the walls with much more ease.

It is a wooden structure offered on our site at a cost price, on which you can hang the canvas you want (we invite you to refer to the demonstration video in the “chassis” section).

We offer on our site printed fabrics, associated or not with their frame, and at an almost unbeatable price! Doing the frame yourself takes only 10 minutes and you will save 50% to 70% compared to a professional realization.

With or without frame

When the option is available on many paintings and you have made the choice with a frame, you will receive the painting ready to hang with the fixing accessories included.

How to choose your wooden frame?

You choose for example a canvas of 50 * 70 cm, the frame will be the same size. By leaving a margin of 5cm on the back of your canvas, the frame will be easier to install.

If you have any questions, we are available from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m. via our website (Isabelle) or on our Facebook page (Christophe) on work TV in the evening from 18 p.m. to midnight.


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Our articles are checked by our service before dispatch.
We are passionate and we do everything we can to make you discover our paintings.


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  • The choice with + 1200 items
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  • 5 years with you and +16000 clients
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  • Thousands of satisfied customers
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